Top 5 Restaurants in Paris

Paris is known for fine taste in everything. People in Paris love to lead a happy life abounding in beauty. The gastronomic aspect is not an exception either. Food in Paris restaurants is served in an elegant atmosphere. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s best restaurants can be found in Paris, serving amazing delicacies in utmost romantic ambiance.

Here are some of the choicest restaurants in Paris.

Le Meurice restaurant

Le Meurice restaurant is located inside the Hotel Meurice and will give you a blast of the gastronomic treats. Savor the taste of their delicacies amongst the heavy damask curtains, crystal chandeliers and mosaic floor. Sit near the window overlooking the beautifulTuileriesGardens. The chef primarily offers classical cuisine with a dash of the contemporary dishes. Try the crispy green ravioli along with wild garlic, snails and fricassee, red-wined roasted pigeon with apple juice and red cabbage. The menu changes repeatedly.


L’Astrance is another restaurant in the Parishaute cuisine scene. The restaurant is on the pricier side and is a three star restaurant. One of the most popular restaurants in Paris, tables at L’Astrance is quite sought after by people. The restaurant has an ideal 21st environment including architecture and amiable staff. The walls are mirrored and the ceiling is high with small tables. Enjoy the fresh smell of herbs and fruits and finely prepared mushrooms with verjus marianated foie gras garnished with hazelnut oil. Sea urchins and baby spinach served with turbot is one of the most popular preparations in the restaurant.

Huitrerie Regis 

Located in the center of Saint German des Pres, the Huitrerie Regis is a shop front small restaurant. This is the best place to have fresh oysters in the entire French capital. Sea urchins, prawns, clams along with bread and butter will also come in a platter as per availability. Savor the taste of these dishes along withLoirevalley white wines. The food at this place will make your day and you will definitely want to come back again and again.


Maceo is owned by Mark Williamson, an Englishman who has created a small English world in the French capital. The bar is a local favorite and the food is awesome. The restaurant with oxblood walls, parquets, and wedding cake moldings owns a center position overlooking the Palais Royal. This place is perfect for vegetarians because the chef belches out mouth watering vegetarian dishes with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and asparagus. Non vegetarian dishes include marinated scallops in sea weed oil served on quinoa and wild sea bass with baby carrots as well as mange toute.

Spring in Les Halles 

Taste some innovative cuisine at the Spring in Les Halles. If you wish to experiment with food then this is the place for you. Try the Caledonian prawns with shaved baby tennel and coriander flowers,BasqueCountytrout with avocado. The wine bar or the Buvette is located in the basement where you will get the choicest of wines. You will also get a selection of cheese and charcuterie. Reservation prior to visit is recommended as it is a sought after place.


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