Discover Paris in Another Way through the Day Trips in Paris

Want to explore Paris beyond the limits? When you have seen all the attractions inside the city, you can plan a small day trip in and around Paris. If you are visiting for a second or third time, you can always give the regular tourist attractions a miss and try and explore some parts which are not usually explored. There are several other destinations in and around Paris including the natural parks, chateaus, fortifications from the medieval times that lie close to the city limits. Here are some of the most rewarding Paris day trips. You can rent a car and visit the places that are at the outskirts of the city.

The Chateau de Versailles is one of the most significant tourist destinations in Paris. A visit to the city of lights will be incomplete without visiting this place.Versailles used to be the seat of the royal power. This was built under the orders of Sun King- Louis XIV and was known as the symbol of French power. However, the palace met its ill fate after the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The palace constitutes the hall of mirrors which was refurbished of late. The garden inside the palace premises is idyllic during spring time and the animal farm of Marie Antoinette and her cottage also pose as pretty sites. Take RER line to Versailles and then follow the signs reaching the chateau.

The Monet Garden at Giverny is the home of eminent impressionist painter Claude Monet. Both botanical enthusiasts and art connoisseurs will find this place extremely interesting and motivating. The garden is beautiful which has immortalized the paintings of Monet. A play of light and shadow featuring various species of flowers and a well-designed bridge inspired by the Japanese architectural style form a stunning site. Arrive at the site through train and reachVernon. From Vernon catch shuttle buses to reach Giverny.

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is a special place for the literature and history buffs. This place is a storehouse of history. And you will find the remnants of famous writers like Moliere and La Fontaine and also the residents of the royal family. This place has often been chosen for shooting period films. The beautiful fountains and the well kept gardens will provide a respite from the crowded city. You can take the Chateau bus shuttle from the Gare de Lyon to Melun and reach the chateau.

Disneyland is a place which can never disappoint kids. Hence, if you are traveling with kids, then a visit to the Disneyland can be very fulfilling. For adults, there is golf facility and Davy Crockett Ranch bungalows. You will find several hotels in Paris located around these regions. If you do not find a suitable one around these areas, then live in a hotel within the city and travel as per the guidance given. Provins is a Heritage Site which is a fortified town from the medieval times. This was an 11th century town which has found place in the portraits and paintings of various distinguished artists like Victor Hugo.


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