Traveling for the First Time in Paris- Points to Remember

Paris is a wonderful place and for the people visiting Paris for the first time, it is like a dream come true. There are several landmarks in Paris which we always hear about and it is anybody’s guess that one would definitely want to see the sites when in Paris. Accommodation in Paris is fantastic due to the availability of hotels all around the city. The Seine River in Paris is extremely significant. It is considered to be almost an avenue by the Parisians. The Seine flows through the middle and on either side of the river, the landmarks are scattered. There are several bridges on the river and you will marvel at the view of Paris from the bridge. When you are exploring the city,Seine River is the landmark following which you will be able to find out the other locations. It is a pivot around which the most popular tourist attractions are found.

Always carry a city map along with you when traveling across Paris. The city is divided into section known as ‘arrondissements’, the numbers of which match with the neighborhoods boundaries. The Left Bank of the Seine River, known as La Rive Gauche constitutes of 6 arrondissements which used to be the home of eminent artists and writers including Hemingway, Picasso and Matisse. The Latin Quarter as well as the Montaparnasse neighborhoods is also on the left bank. The left bank attractions include Paris  Catacombs, Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay, Pantheon, Luxemburg Gardens, Odeon Theater, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Musee Rodin, Musee de Cluny, Sorbonne University, Saint-Sulpice Church, Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

The north of the Seine River is theRight Bank. This is the larger bank and the wealthy population resides in this bank. The business houses and banks are all location on the right bank. This bank is known as La Rive Droite and is more orderly than the left bank. 14 arrondissements are there on the right bank and the biggest of tourist attractions are situated on the right bank. The famous Paris hotels are located in the right bank as well. The attractions include Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees,Louvre Museum, Monmarte neighborhood, Tuileries gardens, Le Marais neighborhood, Moulin Rouge, Musee del’Orangerie, Sacre Coeur Basilica,Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Mastille Opera, Centre Pompidou, galleriesLafayetteflagship store and Trocadero.

There are several passes available for different purposes in Paris. When visiting the city for the first time, try and get the passes which include discount cards, transportation passes, passes for visiting the city’s top museums and other combo passes for all these. Traveling to Paris during the low season can save you money on the airline fares. You can also arrive at the airports near to Paris and then travel to Paris through a car or train. Knowing about the Paris airports that use the airports as hubs can also help you save money. Flying in the middle of the week also reduces the airfare.

There are plenty of hotels in Paris near the attractions. Hotels of various range is available in the city for tourists. The metro is the best public transport available to move around the city.


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