Basic Travel Tips for Travelers to Paris

Paris is a cosmopolitan city in France which draws thousands of tourists every year.Paris has been part of several masterpieces in terms of paintings, songs and other forms of literature. You can feel the romance and magic as soon as you step inside the city.Paris strikes the right chord in the strings of your heart. The city boasts of a glorious history and the legendary legacy of art. The city lives and breathes art and it is evident from the several monuments standing tall in the city. The best time to visit Paris will be the months of May through October. The weather is supreme for a vacation during these months. The city is not crowded during these months.

Traffic in Paris is a slightly sensitive issue. When you are driving a car in Paris, always remember that other cars can appear from anywhere. Get a map and a tourist guidebook that will tell you where and how to park your vehicle. If you could learn some French words, then it will be easier for you to explore the city. Rick Steves’ book is good for learning some French words when on a trip to Paris. You can avail the metro to go around the city and it is the best and quickest way to roam around the city.Paris is the city of lights and if you wish to see it from Eiffel Tower, then you have to make reservations in advance by calling them.

The Louvre is the most exciting place to be in Paris if you are an art connoisseur. You will be awestruck at the architecture of the museum and its sheer collection of paintings from the medieval era. Arc d’Triomphe is another site to be in Paris and the road around it is a crazy drive. Driving on this route is like driving without having to follow rules. You will have the pleasure of your lifetime. There are many other museums in the city. It is a city of museums and by visiting the museums you will have an idea of the glorious history of Paris. You will see many people performing various things on the street and most of them are impressive. You can hand them some money as well.

Paris is one of the safest cities in the world to roam around. Violent crime incidents usually do not take place in Paris and hence you can explore the city safely. Maintaining the law and order has an important contribution in making the city one of the greatest traveler destinations in the world. Still if you wish to be safer, then avoid traveling to areas like Aubervilliers, Saint-Denis, Gare du Nord and Les Halles alone after dark. Watch out for pickpockets in Paris. Be vigilant and protect your purse and do not leave your valuables when you are not around. Before hopping into a taxi, verify the minimum price. Get a traveler’s insurance for extra safety. Be careful while crossing the road because cars can come from any direction.


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