Enjoy the beauty of Paris in April

Paris in April is like a dream. Paris is attributed with many lovely adjectives and it is during the month of April that the city proves all those adjectives and phrases true. The city looks really pretty with daffodils as well as cherry and apple blossoms. The lovely green, pink and yellow shades add to the beauty and glamour of the city of Paris.

The weather is usually quite good except for occasional showers but it’s just so lovely that it would be a pity to miss out Paris in April if you can. There are plenty of hotels in Paris which can accommodate you during your stay. Paris hotels are available in a variety of price range; a proper online research can enlighten you on the variety of Paris hotels available along with other details like price, services and amenities.

One can explore the lovely outdoors of Paris when it’s not raining. The fabulous weather puts the locals in a good mood and they are quite friendly, it’s a good time to get to know the locals. An experience in a foreign country is incomplete if one does not take the opportunity to know the locals when they can. The locals can also direct you towards some amazing activities.

Since April is not exactly high tourist season one can expect to see the popular Paris attractions in peace. However if you really want to avoid crowds, make sure you do not visit any of the popular attractions during school holidays in Paris.

Paris is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, some of the best hotels in the world are located in Paris. You can enjoy the amenities and services of hotel Paris when you stay indoors. Another advantage of April is that since it is not exactly high tourist season, hotels in Paris would cost less than otherwise.

In April the weather still has a bit of a chill in it but if you want to sit outside in a park or café, all you would require is a jacket. So when you pack for a vacation to Paris in April, make sure to pack some cardigans and jackets. The best way to dress in Paris during April is to dress in layers. If you feel warm you can take off your jacket or put one on should you find it chilly. Also, it would be wise to pack an umbrella as well as waterproof shoes. While packing, it would be wise to pack keeping in mind both sun and rain. If the weather is sunny, make sure to put on some sun block and sun glasses and enjoy the sun in the park.




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