Sightseeing in Paris: An Experience of Lifetime

Paris, the capital of everything magnificent, charming and delicate, has been attracting the thirsty travelers from all corners of the world since time immemorial. Every dream destination list features Paris in it and if you are travelling to Europe there is no way that you can ignore Paris. The richness of culture, the grandeur of past, the magnificence of grand architecture, sublime sights – you can go on and on about the things that Paris can offer. If you always dreamed about this city of splendor, it is time that you turn your dream into a reality. And money should never be a constraint as sightseeing in Paris is more about your curiosity and spontaneity to explore the beauties of Paris.

This is city of surprises as Paris has unique experiences to offer for each one of its travelers. If you are a discerning traveler, eager to explore the uncharted parts of Paris, take walk down the downtown or suburban Paris. It will give a unique insight into the lives of the Parisians. But also do not miss out on the popular attractions of Paris as they form the exclusive experience of sightseeing in Paris. You can also organize your travel destinations depending on the time you are going to spend in the city.

If you are visiting this city for the first time and in a hurry to leave, then the popular landmarks will certainly quench the Paris-thirst in you. On the other hand, if there is plenty of time in hand, take your sweet time to travel to discover the beauties hidden around the corners of this metropolis. The below mentioned landmarks make a winning list of sightseeing in Paris:

  • By the time you read it, you have guessed it right. Obvious and yet impossible to ignore, it is THE Eiffel Tower. One of world’s most famous and recognizable landmarks, this exquisite work of quality engineering can be seen from every corner of the capital.
  • You may like art or you may not, but if you are in Paris, there is no way to ignore it. Soak yourself into the religion of art by taking a trip to the Louvre Museum, the celebrated citadel of art. Housing the masterpieces of art, Louvre is the seventh heaven for every art lover.

These are the two most popular travel destinations of Paris. There are scores of tourist destinations in Paris but these two are the epitomes of sightseeing in Paris.


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