A Magnificent Tour to Versailles

If you are planning to travel in Paris for a week or more, then it would be a must to visit some unusual places within the City of Lights. One among the beautiful tourist destinations in Paris is the Versailles. It can be a favorite destination for those who are fascinated by the French History. During the tour to Versailles, you would be capable of witnessing the abundance and opulence of luxury, in which the Kings of France used to live. Yes, you can definitely try to be a part of the guided tour or student groups while traveling in Versailles. However, it is not compulsory to be with student groups or have a guided tour. You can still enjoy your trip to Paris alone at your own pace and choice. Travelling alone would not turn you off from visiting this historical city.

Once you are in Versailles, you would get the opportunity to visit the Queen’s Chamber, the Hall of the Mirrors, the War room, the Chapel, the King’s and the Queen’s bedroom and the other rooms of the Versailles Palace. Finding the Versailles Palace from the train station is not a tough job too. It is an easy walk. But before entering into the palace, you have to collect your ticket from the tourist information office. An audio-guide system would help the visitors to comprehend the most important periods of the French history. The Versailles Palace is an architectural wonder and beautifully depicts the splendor of French architecture dating back to the 17th Century.

From the very first glance, you would be amazed to see the Palace of Versailles as it is all about having extravagance–gold accentuates, starting from the gates to the statues which are bejeweling the exterior part of the Palace and to the furnishings in the interior. Around each square millimeter of the ceiling and wall is covered with some adornment-sculptures, paintings and tapestries and extravagant chandeliers hang from the ceilings of the palace.

Don’t forget to check the Queen’s Bedchamber which still glimpses today as it used to be in the year 1789, when Marie-Antoinette left it during the period of mutiny. After visiting the palace, the tourists would get the time to stroll through the wonderful French formal garden and the glorious hall of mirrors made by Le Notre with various statues, trees, fountains and beautiful flower-beds pruned into some interesting shapes. The hall of mirrors is undoubtedly the highlight of the Versailles Palace.

Overall, Paris counted as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Travel to Paris may contain exploring the beauties of some exotic locations. Nowadays, traveling to Paris has become a lot easier with the availability of a wide number of hotels in Paris. The Paris travel packages specially the Paris hotels are available for everyone.


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