Ideas on Planning a Romantic Tour to Paris

If you are planning on taking your partner off to a romantic tour to some extravagant location, then the French capital must top the list of chosen romantic destinations. With a huge number of tourists pouring in each year and with the exquisite and plush hotels in Paris, you can plan a picturesque romantic getaway to “The City of Light”.

It would be advised to plan your romantic trip to Paris during the month of May. The weather is beautiful around May and is perfect for romantic strolls around the organized serpentine lanes of the city. The posh restaurants also provide a variety of cuisines which are sure to tickle your taste buds.

Paris is filled with medieval artistic sculptures and landmarks. All of which decrypts many historical events that have taken place during the courses of history. The city boasts of a glorious history and the legendary legacy of art. And for the art loving couples, Paris hosts the Artist’s Open House which takes place in Belleville galleries.

The city also houses an array of museums filled with artistic masterpieces of which the Louvre museum with its breathtaking architecture, stands out with The Mona Lisa, The Venus de Milo and loads more. And if you are lucky then you can also visit the museums for free on Museum Night, held in May. And of course, how can one miss the Eiffel Tower? If you book in advance, then you can also dine in the Altitude 95 restaurant inside the Tower itself and get a view of the brilliantly lit city from up there.

If you are into sports then you can also catch a match from the French Open held in Roland Garros. The romantic experience gets an even more sophisticated touch when you are seated inside The Roland Garros and see in front of you, the world class tennis players in action. Paris is a very safe city to be in. Crime rates are reasonably low and the authorities take extra care about it since it might hit their tourism industry. The hotels in Paris are aplenty and one can easily book a room in advance through various websites. These websites provide detailed insight about the hotels and makes it easily for the couple to choose hotels in sync with their convenience.

The traffic is excellent and because of the broad roads, speeding cars can appear from almost anywhere, so you might want to be a little careful while driving or crossing the road. Also, knowing a bit of French won’t hurt, since the French people seldom speak anything other than French or at times Spanish. And last but not least, pack light if you are planning to spend a few days in summer but don’t forget to carry an umbrella.


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