Just for Two

Just for Two is the first company offering exceptional gifts for all lovers. It is a unique concept because we provide luxury experiences, personalised ideas and professional support of a private concierge service. The gifts can become a unique surprise for any occasion and any couple: for a wedding anniversary, a birthday or just to say « I love you ». To find a perfect idea we have divided them into specific categories and to add some mystery we propose a Secret Rendezvous as a beginning of the romantic adventure.

The category Just Paris introduces you to the world of amazing activities in the City of Lights. Sensational body treatments from all over the world or the whole SPA reserved especially for you will relax you both and wake up all your senses. You can choose among innovative helicopter flights, bike or boat rides – all of them bring excitement and show you Paris in a totally different light. Hotels, with which we cooperate, are the most luxurious places in the capital. With an amazing view on the city, room in the theme of Marie Antoinette or a private butler you will definitely feel like in a fairy tale. To make the most out of your stay, we propose you entertainment in the best Parisian cabarets, booked for the best seat and with champagne to increase your happiness. Very interesting, and for sure unique, are our gourmet dinners, when the most famous French chefs do their best by cooking a meal only for you. It is always good to eat a delicious and sophisticated meal, but in the presence of the Chef and with tips especially for you, it becomes a fulfilled dream. Check it yourself:




Dream Travels are the combinations of the most romantic destinations in France and abroad. To strengthen your love and approach you to the culture, we have chosen the attributes of France to be highlights of your stays. Over the stay in Provence, you will experience a different reality than the one described in all the tourist guides – sleeping in the castle, gourmet meals and a wonderful ambiance of Provençale region will make it very unique. If you want to try truffles or wine in the specific region of cultivation, we are ready to make your dreams come true. To get an exceptional weekend abroad, the best romantic destinations await you: Edinburgh, Prague and Venice – your love will sparkle again in the surrounding of the old, amorous capitals. Find your best destination:




Picture Your Love connects all the artists among the common goal – to create a work of art, which reflects your love. We cooperate with artists who create different kinds of portraits, photo shoots or who can even write a book about your love story. We also provide amazing jewellery for engagement, wedding or any other occasion.

Just for Two showcases exceptional gifts and experiences to be shared together. It also offers a service that makes life easier, by adapting to companies and enabling customers to achieve a last-minute present or a common gift. Just for Two prides itself of the quality of its private concierge service: a complete follow-up of the service and a top quality after-sale service in all circumstances. The concierge services are included. Discover the most interesting art gifts:




To make a just married couple happy or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, Just your Dream is the new idea for an exceptional gift, the occasion to share magical moments with a special someone. With a budget from €1,500 the couple receives an invitation to make their dream come true. They share their ideas and we make them real. Travel the world’s vineyards, from Chile to California, Italy and South Africa; walk on the Scandinavian iced sea surrounded by glaciers; ride an elephant in the Thai jungle; sky dive over the Atlantic Ocean… We make the craziest, the simplest, the most incredible dreams come true. Once you received the Just for Two invitation, anything is possible. Our exclusive concierge service will organize and imagine the most amazing dream and make it come true in the most beautiful way.

Selling exclusively on the Internet enables us to enrich the offer on a regular basis in order to create original and exclusive gifts all year long. Just for Two has a wide network of prestigious partners who are willing to share their know-how and their expertise. The Just for Two gifts have been designed exclusively with the artists and partners.

In a nutshell, Just for Two is an answer to all those who love their beloved or the couple for which they want to find an exceptional gift. If you struggle to find a perfect offer, we can make your dreams come true with our private concierge service, which is ready to move heaven and earth to make you happy.


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