Most Unusual Places to Visit in Paris

Have you been to Paris ample times? Have you visited all the tourist attractions in Paris? Then, this time you can do something different. Explore Paris in a unique way in which you have never done before. Read to find out which are the unusual places in Paris which you can visit during this trip. These places are visited more by the locals and less by tourists.

 Pere Lachaise

Pere Lachaise is a cemetery in Paris. It is quite famous but not many like visiting cemeteries. Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt and Jim Morrison were all buried in this cemetery. You can visit this place which is normally visited by the local people. In fact, you will find a touch of romance in this place and there is lot of peace. The place is maintained properly and the memorials and headstones have been created beautifully. You will find interesting epitaphs and you can also discover new pathways. It is a large cemetery and you can roam around freely as it is not crowded. Roaming around at the cemetery might give you a feel of mystery.

 The Salle Rodin museum

The Salle Rodin museum is a small one where you will find various remarkable pieces of work done by Rodin. The museum houses the famous sculpture- ‘The Thinker’ by Rodin. The museum stands amidst a garden and there are several other sculptures in the garden which enhance the beauty of the place. The museum is easily accessible as it is located in the neighborhood of St. Germain close to a metro stop. The museum remains open from Tuesday through Sunday.

 The Sewer Museum

There is another museum in Paris which is less crowded than many other bigger and popular museums. The Sewer Museum is a unique concept which emphasizes on the fact that the Parisians are extremely careful of the sewer system in the city. They are proud of the system and when you visit the museum you can understand it from the display. You can roam around inside the museum on your own with the help of the pamphlet you are given while purchasing the ticket. You can also opt for a free guided tour of the museum. Gear up properly for the tour because you will have to go through tunnels which are damp. hence take special care to wear such shoes which you do not mind being dirty.

Are you interested in cooking, then spend some time learning French recipes in a French cooking class. Learn different recipes and learn about the origin of the recipes. You will also learn about which wine goes with which recipe. Enjoy the cooking and tasting class and arrive a little early in class. The Fragonard Fragrance Museum is another unique museum where you can experience nice fragrances.


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