5 Most Unique and Unusual Attractions in Paris, France

Paris is such a famous city in the world that the most popular attractions of Paris can even be named by people who have not visited the city. The fame attached to Paris is such that many of us know a lot about the place before exploring it on our own. So, when finally you get to see the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, you will like visiting it a second time. The excitement of seeing something new is just not there anymore. Luckily, there are spots in Paris which you might have never known before because they are not much talked about. There is a thrill in discovering such spots in the lesser known Paris.

Le Musee Grevin is one such attraction in Paris which is out of the ordinary. It has much semblance with the Madam Tussauds and might seem like the Paris counterpart of the same. Located in Montmarte this museum houses the figures of real as well as fictional celebrities. You can also know about the French history from this museum. You will find some pictures of gruesome medical practices, executions and torture inflicted on people.

Another unique place in the lesser known Paris is the Les Arenes de Lutece. This place will amaze you in that it contains archeological ruins which are intact till this day. You might not associate Paris with such ruins, but after visiting the Les Arenes de Lutece you will be astounded by the nature and size of the archaeological discovery. There is the ruins of an entire Roman amphitheater. This place used to serve as the battle ground for gladiators back in times when Lutetia (now Lutece) was a part of the Roman colony. This amphitheater could accommodate 15,000 people at a time.

You will be quite surprised at the name of the next lesser known destination. The Dermatology Museum at the Saint Louis Hospital is a unique place to be. As the name suggests, this museum is about skin problems and normally avoided by people unless doctors. This museum is an educational one and has some extremely interesting exhibits. You will notice some plaster casts displayed at the museum which are centuries old. Plaster casts with skin diseases are the general exhibits of this museum.

The Latin Quarter of Paris houses the narrowest building in the world. Located at the Rue St Severin this building is the narrowest in the world. The building is only over 1 meter in width and 10 meters in height. From these measurements, it can be understood that the building was built just to fill in the blank between the buildings on the right and left.
Last but not the least is the Musee des Art Decoratifs where you will find the most expensive of Paris fabrics and textiles.


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