Plenty of Must-Do Things to Enjoy Paris in November

Paris is yet to be a big draw for the tourists in the month of November. For you, this fact may be a good excuse to visit this beautiful city in such off season. You will not have to jostle with others in museums, parks, art galleries and numerous must-visit places. Hotel charges are quite affordable and that will be healthy for your pocket. Paris is moderately cold in November. Pack in warm clothes though heavy winter-wear is not necessary. Also carry a raincoat and an umbrella as Paris gets bouts of drizzling in the wintry month of November.
Feast your mind on art and culture
Paris has a charm of its own, no matter whether you are visiting the city during peak or off travel season. The city is famous as a hub of art and culture. Every year, Paris has its big art carnival, d’Automne a Paris that runs from September till December through October and November. This fair retains an irresistible attraction for the art lovers from far-flung shores and exposes them to some wonderful works by the world-known maestros as well as the budding talents. This is a celebration of audio-visual extravaganza in every form of artistic medium like dance, painting, sculpture, photography, movie and music.
Light is everywhere
Paris is rightly nicknamed as ‘The City of Light’. And it sounds truer when winter sets in and rules the city. From the mid of November, the preparation for Christmas is in full gear. The entire city is decked up for celebration. You will see lighting everywhere from small shops to shopping malls, from busy streets to less frequented lanes. Be all praise for light-covered skyscrapers and towering corporate structures. The fascinating display of lights in the windows is a show stealer.
Manage time for an idle walk along the Champs-Elysees. You will admire blue-white light covered trees queuing up along a long stretch from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde. Paris in November is a delight for the shutterbugs. The city is at its illuminated best on the eve of Christmas and lures you to go on with continuous clicking. Stand on the median of the street to capture a majestic view of the Arc. Swivel the lens toward Tuileries gardens and lock the illuminated ferries wheels spangling the landscape.
Sip of wine
The third week of November is auspicious for the ‘admirers of good wine’. Beaujolais Nouveau is available during this time. This red wine comes to the market after fermentation for a couple of months. The bars and wine stores are decorated with posters that scream the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau. If you are in Paris this time, raise a toast to life….


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