Simple Packing Tips for Paris – An Easy Guide

Believe me, packing needs planning in advance and creativity. Some mess up everything in such a way that it reminds me of the story “The Packing” from “Three men in a boat” by Jerome K Jerome. After going through this story, I learned how some can effortlessly make a hilarious disaster while packing the things to be taken and was quite sanguine that even a child can do a better job than the duo in the story. Well, let us come to brass talking and explore some easy packing tips for Paris travel.

  • What you will pack in depends on when you will be visiting Paris. Which month? Which season? Or, are you likely to have a rendezvous with chilly cold or heavy shower in the city? Do never be forgetful of this point when you will be busy with packing.
  • There are several essentials like tooth brush, shaving cream, lotion, bath-towel, mobile charger that you need to pack in a travel suitcase or bag. Do you wear spectacles or contact lens? If yes, then make sure you have put them in the suitcase.
  • The First-aid box is an important travel kit. Take a plastic bag or medium sized box to store Band-Aids and medicines for nausea, anxiety, high pressure, blood sugar and other prescribed medicines.
  • Also carry safety pins, sleep aids, tweezers, needles, thread etc so that you don’t have to buy these abroad. Remember that Paris is an expensive hang-out and even the most essential buy may fob off a havoc figure into your budget.
  • Remember to carry a trash bag with you. You don’t need to clean anything you wear Instead, throw the soiled clothes into it. The trash bag will serve the purpose of carrying dirty stuffs that need heavy wash once you come back home.
  • There are some necessary liquid items including mouthwash, shampoo, toiletries etc. that must go into your box. The liquids may spill over. To prevent such a disaster, keep these items in a plastic bag and roll it. You may slip this plastic or zipper bag in your suitcase side pack or carry it in hand. Even if it is placed in your suitcase with other things, you do not need to worry about spill-over.
  • Duct tape should also be included into your travel kit. It is of good and immediate help to repair a lot of items including broken glasses, sunglasses, zippers and other kick-knacks.

All these staffs must be stacked in an orderly way so that you can immediately get whatever you are trying to reach for. Happy Packing off to Paris!


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