Girls Guide to Paris

Paris, the city of lights is better known as the fashion capital of the world. Before a trip to this stylish and chic place, proper packing is extremely essential. Black is quite classic and an elegant color, and perfectly blends with any other hue. So, for every girl, carrying a little black dress for evening walks or parties is important. During the rains, sloshing around the streets without any proper cover, getting soaked to the skins and freezing is quite uncomfortable for the people, especially women. Thus girls should always pack an over-sized golf umbrella usually available in various solid colors in order to enjoy added protection. Or else you may carry small, portable ones with polka dots.

Scarves serve a lot of purposes which includes fashion, protection against catching cold during winder. In fact, scarves are commonly used by Parisian women. Thus, girls should carry their scarves with them. There are gorgeous scarves of vibrant colors and silk squares of interesting designs to tie knots around their necks. To take some magnificent night shots of the Eiffel Tower that sparkles after dark, or to take snaps of the cobble-stone lined alleys, breathtaking views of river Seine, and the grand French architecture, girls should never forget to carry a digital camera that produces high quality images. One can easily get hold of these affordable, compact and sleek cameras which can be conveniently carried in a purse or guide

For a choice of shoes, girls should keep in mind the practical issues. Highly fashionable stilettos may not be appropriate for regular wearing purpose especially while walking a long distance on the uneven cobblestones. Thus girls guide to Paris often suggests a person to wear comfortable shoes during her trip. A versatile water proof or water resistant jacket has always been a very important constituent of a French woman’s wardrobe. This classic, rumpled textured, light feel, knee length trench coat is not only an accessory, but also acts as a shield against the rain and wind during the summer months or the stormy and chilly grey days of the winter months.

Girls can enjoy shopping from the numerous stores and elegant, feminine boutiques. There are old fashioned chocolate shops selling a good range of chocolates, flavored candies, walnut and butter cookies, rich creamy cakes dipped in chocolate sauce, etc. Even there are several friendly wine bars for women, where they may find a nice selection of organic and natural wines served in a warm, rustic room with satisfying home-cooked food on offer.


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