Lover’s Paris – What You Don’t Know

Paris is considered as lovers’ paradise. It is one of the most popular destinations for couples in love. Many couples have a dream of having their honeymoon in Paris, the French capital. There are many places in Paris which are perfect for the love-birds to have some cozy private moments together. Snuggle up with your love in some of the most beautiful spots in Paris and create memories that will be remembered for lifetime.Lover's Paris

Here are some ways in which couples can enjoy in Paris:

Walking arm in arm with you loved one

There are lovely neighborhoods in France, Paris for walking. One of the best places for this is the Ile Saint Louis, in close vicinity to the Notre Dam. This place is actually a small island on the Seine River. Apart from quiet neighborhoods where you can enjoy long walks with your loved ones, there are many restaurants and nightclubs in the area along with some excellent boutique shops. The specialty of the place is a lip-smacking ice-cream called Berthillion. This ice-cream is exclusively found in this small neighborhood.

Live like an emperor in some of the best hotels in the city

Dreaming of spending some days as a king and a queen? Well, that is highly possible in Paris. George V is one of the posh destinations in Paris and is quite expensive. However, access to the lounge is permitted if you do not wish to put up at the place. The ambience in the lounge is enough to give you a royal treatment.

The French Chateau (the castle) is also a place where you can live like an emperor. These hotels in Paris have been designed in a manner so that they provide a great ambience and a royal feel to the guests. The place is not very far from proper Paris. The greatest attraction of the castle is the wonderful restaurant in the premises serving delectable delicacies.

Some private place amidst nature in Paris

Paris has everything that lovers look for. Lovers are always in search of some solitude where they can be with their loved ones in the way they like. The beautiful gardens in Paris provide excellent settings for the lovers. Mention of Luxembourg Gardens is important in this regard. The garden along with the Luxembourg Castle has a lovely romantic setting for the couples.Paris and Lovers

Along with the gardens, the bridge on the River Seine is another hotspot for the lovers. A deep kiss on the bridge is a dream for many romantic couples. So if you are in Paris, do not miss out on this opportunity.


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