The City Guide to Paris

Paris! Just the name conjures up emotions of awe, wonder, romance, mystery, and myths. This city has never ceased to marvel millions of its global travelers. The enchantments and charms of Paris are innumerable and inexplicable. You might have read about it but nothing compares to the magnificent experience you will undergo when you visit the capital of France in person. You can enjoy the city during spring and summer, the splendid seasons when this charming place starts glowing in all its glory. However, the other two seasons are also equally delightful as you get to cherish the unexplored beauties of the town.The City Guide to Paris

Paris is also the cosmopolitan metro that combines all the finer aspects of art, culture, history, as well as the urban civilization. If you have already landed in Paris, you will definitely require an elaborate city guide to Paris. Popular and amazing travel destinations are strewn around nearly in every corner of the city. Being the heartland of France, it is the melting pot of different ethnicities, cultural influences, and myriad customs that make the idiosyncratic Parisian character. Admired and followed across the world for its uniqueness, Paris remains one of the must visit travel destinations in Europe. So that you do not get lost amid the flurries and exclusivities of Paris, the city guide will help you to make the most of your trip to the city.

Le Louvre, famous all over the world for its enviable collection of art, boasts of a long and rich historical past that has shaped the art and social fabric of many global art connoisseurs. History and art mingle here to create a sublime atmosphere. If you want to learn your art histories by heart, you have to take more than one trip to the museum. Located at Centre Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne is the Mecca for every Modern Art lover. Unless you have observed their impressive collection, you will be deprived of some of the most reputable 40,000 artworks of European modern art from the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries.

If you are in Paris, not taking a trip to Eiffel Tower is a crime. This amazing piece of architecture stands in the center of the city and looks stunning at night. Go up at the top of the tower and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the glorious city. The beauties of the city are uncountable and to have an experinec of lifetime, take a trip to Paris!


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