Paris – The Hub of Art Connoisseurs

Innumerable travelers and tourists visit Paris to get soaked in the rich culture and tradition that the place has. Apart from that, the city is regarded as a paradise for art connoisseurs. Various kinds of art and literary movements have taken shape from Paris and became famous worldwide. Paris is also home to various artists who have made a name for themselves or for those who are still struggling to make an impression. There are areas in Paris that are home to different kinds of artists and art patrons. This is the reason that Paris depicts a beautiful sense of bohemian life and culture.Paris – the hub of art connoisseurs

Paris is home to around 170 museums of different kinds and uncountable art galleries. Some of the most popular places to enjoy art in the city include the following destinations:

Musee du Louvre – Spread lavishly over an area of 15 acres, this museum is one of the most popular ones in Paris. The greatest attraction of this museum is the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting sizes 77 x 53 cm. the priceless piece of art is guarded in kept secured in a bullet-proof glass and has additional guards on service as well. Annually almost 8 million people come and see the portrait in the museum. Apart from Mona Lisa, the museum also houses some rare and antique items from world civilizations that date back almost 10,000 years.

Jeu de Paume – Various kinds of art exhibitions are a common thing in Paris. One of the most happening places in Paris for the same is the Jeu de Paume. It is an exhibition place for various kinds of films, videos as well as photography. Works of artists from 19th -21st century are displayed in the exhibition center. Some of the artists whose works are displayed include Martin Parr, Lee Miller, Richard Avendon, Mario Garcia Torres and many more.

Musee Auguste Rodin – Rodin is one of the famous artists whose photographs, sculptures as well as sketches are displayed in the museum dedicated to his name. The museum also houses collections of his student Camille Claudel. Some of the most famous sculptures that are on display in the museum include The Age of Bronze, The Thinker, Balzac, The Walking Man, The Kiss, Burghers of Calais and not to forget the famous Gates of Hell. The museum is one of the most popular and frequented ones in Paris.

The location of the various museums, art galleries, exhibition centers and other art related hubs are in close proximity to the various popular and famous hotels in Paris. This makes it easier for the travelers and tourists to visit the various places of attractions in the city.


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