Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris – Discover the Joy of Exploration

What can be a more wonderful idea than exploring Paris on a two wheeler? Paris is one of the few cities where you can enjoy a speedy yet safe bike riding. Literally there is no end to sightseeing spots in this city and even after a fortnight’s stay and bike tour, you may feel like missing many attractions.

If you are hell bent on fat tire bike tours in Paris, there are many ways to do so. You can travel on your own or join a group. Group tour has some advantages over touring on your own. This is because; in every group there will be one or two guides who carry support vehicles. You may ask for at least one English speaking guide. Group tour is also a fun and some like being accompanied by others because it gives them a sense of security.  travel

There are pretty good number of bike tour operators in Paris. Some tours are especially designed for the English speaking backpackers. The objective of conducting such tours is to give a rare thrill to the tourists who love to have a feel of adrenalin-rushing adventure. Some bike tour operators have strict restrictions regarding age limit for their tourist clients while others have ‘open to all’ system. If conducted by a renowned travel operator, these tours could be entertaining as well as informative and furthermore, fun factor can’t be ignored either.

Enjoy Wine Tasting

To add more entertaining factors, some operators take the bike riders on a tour of famous French wine industry. You can watch the art of wine making from a close quarter. Apart from wine tasting, you will learn about what to serve as side dishes with some selected wines.

What about Cultural Experience

Fat tire bike tours in Paris bring you the opportunity of enjoying cultural activities in evening. American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoe are worth a visit to witness the fierce fighting and a refreshing break from riding at a stretch.

Some most common destinations aside, bike tour takes you to some unusual tourist spots off the beaten track. Even if it is not your first time visit to Paris, you will rediscover the land from a new perspective. And as bike tour takes less time for travel, you will get to visit many places even within your short time stay in Paris. Don’t worry too much about safety. Tour conductors have good knowledge about the routes to destinations and they always make the safe choice. Extra security is provided to women and children in group.



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