Exhibitions in Paris

Paris is high on cultural heritage. Much of its phenomenal popularity can be contributed to the museums and galleries almost dotting all over the city. They organize art fair throughout the year, enjoying pouring attention from the art fanatics.

Here are a few from the list of must-see art exhibitions hosted by different museums and galleries in the heart of Paris.

Art Fair Art Paris will be organizing several art events in coming March. Visual art in Asia, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe is the main theme in upcoming art exhibition. The show will also host the paintings of 73 newcomers. Selection of paintings is done with an objective of adding more international dimension to the show. Total 20 countries will participate in the art carnival and 43% of the artists are non-French.

This year, Russia will be the ‘Guest of Honor’ in show. With an overt intention of exploring the art of the East, Art Fair Art Paris will reserve the central space for exhibition of Russian artworks from different parts of the country including Moscow, Rostov, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Don etc. The galleries dedicated to Russian art will show gradual evolution of art since 1930 to contemporary style in the country.

Marmottan Monet Museum will showcase 90 works of Marie Laurencin, a famous female painter of the 20th century. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 21st February. The retrospective is a way to pay tribute to the artist on her 130th birth anniversary. This is the first time that her artworks will be exhibited in a Parisian art museum after 50 years of her death.

Musée du Luxembourg will host an art show from 21st February in memory of Marc Chagall. The exhibition will showcase his works with an intension to explore how the political and social changes in Europe in 20th century influenced his art. His works include drawings, paintings and engravings. The museum has approached the public and private collectors to procure the artist’s most memorable works which are reminiscent of his distinguished style in 20th century. At that period, it was almost impossible for the artists and authors not to be influenced by the social and political events happening all around the world. 80 of his paintings will be on display in chronological order. The show will introduce the visitors to the artist’s vision of war before ending on a positive note.

If you are visiting Paris this month, make sure to visit the galleries to see the original works by the great maestros. However, anytime you visit the city, you will always get to enjoy the seasonal art offering by the renowned art galleries and museums.



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