The Fun in the Funfairs in Paris

Paris may be considered a snooty place filled with rude people.  Parisians and rudeness have kind of become synonymous, yet no one knows how this stigma came about!  If you too have developed the notion that Paris is only for sombre contemplations of artsy paintings and the brooding silences of museums, then you should really come and take a look at some of the awesome funfairs in Paris.  The whole year is dotted with several funfairs happening at different parts of the city.

Among all the fairs, the Foire du Trône is the most spectacular and the most famous.  Spread over an area of 10 hectares the fair house over 350 attractions and rides.  Way back in the year 957, the first fair was set up under the reign of King Lothaire.  It was called Saint Antoine fair back then and was a little more than an open-air market in those days.  Today, however, is a whole different story.  The funfair has attained a magnitude that rivals the loudest theme parks all wrapped up in its very special French flavour, which, you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Being the biggest and the most popular funfair in Paris, expect all the usual items like the giant Ferris wheel, roller coasters and cotton candy.  But it also has new thrillers like the Star Flyer and The Power Max; one gives you an awesome view of the city while the other make your head spin, both guarantee some dizzying fun!  This funfair starts off at the March 29th and continues onto the 26th of May in the year 2013, which means two whole much of fun, games and good old family fun.

If the magnanimity of the fair scares you, (it gets an annual visit of about four million) then there are more quaint fairs to make you feel a bit more at ease like Fête des Loges.  Okay we lied, it is not really quaint!  It too takes up about 7 hectares of space and sees about three million visitors per year.  Bigger the better, isn’t it?  What sets this one apart is its beautiful surrounding.  Set in the neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-en-Laye forest, connects you back with nature while performances, carousels and lotteries keep you happily busy.  When you find all that fun rumbling your tummies, stop by at the numerous refreshment stalls, restaurants and traditional guingettes for your scrumptious fill.


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