Paris Events in May

Top 5 Paris Events in May 2013

You never need a reason to visit Paris. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Although visitors come here throughout the year but the best time to visit Paris is during May.

May is the spring time here when the thermometer starts rising after chilling Paris winter. Weather in May is comfortable with occasional rain but mostly it’s a sunny climate. The temperature is pleasant with minimum of 10˚C and maximum of 18˚C.

The trees in Paris come into full bloom and the city’s many manicured gardens become picturesque during this time. People mostly enjoy the sunny afternoons strolling in these beautiful gardens.

May in Paris is the time of celebration as well.  Lots of events take place during this time. So, if you have plans to visit the city during spring time get yourself an updated catalog of its many events and plan your visit accordingly. Given below is a list of the top events of May 2013 in Paris.

May 18th: May 18th is Museum Night in Paris.  On this day the doors of over a thousand museums in Paris remain open for public till well past midnight. Special events and performances are organized in many places for visitors. As a matter of fact, entries to museums are free for all those who visit.

May 17th -June 5th: If you are a sports enthusiast then you can’t miss visiting the famous Roland Garros ground to witness ace tennis players clash for prestigious French Open. It is one of the most coveted sports events in the world. Many tennis greats like Steffi Graf, had made their debuts in Roland Garros. In the history of tennis this ground had hosted many historical matches. This year French Open will start on May 17th and will continue till June 5th .

Whole month of May: Foire du Trône or Paris fair take place throughout the month of May. It is an annual event that natives and visitors alike look forward to. It is a fun event that kids will enjoy most. So, if you have kids then the best place you can take them is to Paris. The event is a continuous carnival with country fair, ferris wheels, and roller coasters, with whole lot of cotton candies and ice-creams.

May 24th-27th: This year the annual event of Artists’ Open House in Belleville Galleries will take place between May 24th and 27th . This is your opportunity to come face to face with some of Paris’s greatest contemporary artists and their works. It is expected that around 250 such artists will open their doors for public to visit their works and spaces.       



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