Paris in May

Paris is the city of romance. Life is a continuous carnival here. Whichever way you turn you can see a never ending celebration of life. But besides being the romance capital of the world, Paris is also a business hub, a fashion destination and a hot tourist spot. Every year Paris streets get teemed by thousands of international tourists and you can find among them honeymooning couples, vacationing families, admirers of painting and sculptures and various other sorts. Paris has something or the other to offer everyone.

Although Paris receives tourists year long but in May the city offers a visual delight to visitors. The words that best describe Paris during May are blooming and buzzing. The city really transforms during the spring. It becomes lively with teeming tourists, luscious blooms and excitements. If you really want to experience the true spirit of Paris then May is probably the best time to travel to the city.

At this time of the year the weather remains most pleasant – an ideal condition to stroll outside and enjoy the city and its never ceasing activities. During May the city’s many manicured gardens come into full bloom – transforming it into a Technicolor picture gallery. You can simply spend your time in one of its many cafeterias – discussing life’s many aspects, indulging in some romantic novels or simply sipping into the colorful life that passes by you. Do uncommitted window shopping in world’s one of the best shopping destinations.

You can spend as much time as you want outside. The days during this time are longer and nights shorter. So, you get ample time to soak in Paris’s sunlight while enjoying your coffee in its many famous courtyards.

If you are a lover of paintings then Paris can offer you some of the greatest creations by the genius. Paris museums are the cause of envy for many. They flaunt some of the greatest collections from medieval period, to renaissance and even of the modern era. May 18th is celebrated as museum night and Paris museums remain open for public till late at midnight. As a part of the celebration, entry to these museums on this day is free.

Paris during May is also a gourmet delight. After day long excursions you can reserve your evening for a romantic dinner in many of city’s eateries.  Paris culinary is celebrated worldwide and when you are here, indulge yourself in some of chef’s best creations. Parisian foods celebrate the time with opulent vegetable, meat and sea food dishes.

Paris nightlife in May is as exciting as the day time. So, don’t forget to get a taste of that too while you are there.


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