Free events in Paris in August

cropped-birhakeim.jpgIf you want to be a part of the hordes of free events and outdoor activities organized on various locations on the outskirts of Paris, then summer or more specifically August is the best time to visit the cathedral city of Paris. A trip to Paris in itself sounds very enthralling for tourists and free events add as icing on the cake.

Throughout August the beaches of Seine and the Bassin de la Villette will have everything to satiate the reveler’s upbeat spirits. The tourists will be spoilt for options as there will be game parlours, cafe shops and even boating facilities.

The Sous La Plage Festival comprising various workshops, DJs performances and plenty of dance shows is a must for the Parisians and tourists alike. There is a lot in store for children too.

Then there is the Firemen’s Balls where Parisians dance all night with sexy and daring firemen. This is a way of celebrating their ‘fraternite’.

‘Festival Quartier d’ete’ is an event continuing for more than 24 days. This annual function is all about celebrating the high culture on the streets of Paris. Innumerable dance shows, musical concerts, theatre performances make this event a hit every year. With circus, classical music and even Cuban hip hop, this event is a hit among people of all age groups and all tastes.

Beach events called Paris Plages start on July 20 and continue for a month. The beaches along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villettee are all decked up with palm trees, colorful lights. There are lounge chairs and various activities are organised keeping the children in mind. It goes without saying that the foodies find all sorts of delicacies to gorge on and satisfy their hunger and thirst.

From August 1 to 15 the Batofar peniche on the Quai Francois Mauriac hosts open-air free festivals where short films, animations, short documentaries and experimental films are showcased.

Again from August 1 to 11 another cinema festival makes up for the perfect entertainment on each night for Parisians. The Clair de Lune open-air cinema festival shows foreign films with subtitles.

In the mid-weeks of August the Paris summer festival comes with fascinating theatre shows and classical music concerts. It is sponsored by French Ministry of Culture. The ticket prices depend on the standard of performances.

Throughout August there are numerous colorful  events, cultural conferences, art exhibitions and plenty of eating and drinking festivals to enliven the spirits of all those who step in Paris.


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