Breakfast in Paris

Spoil yourselves.

Parisians usually do not believe in the big breakfast concept that Americans do. The main heavy and multi course meals in Paris are lunch and dinner. Parisians prefer to keep their breakfast simple and humble. A most common Paris breakfast includes a platter of Croissants, tartine, some fruits or fruit juice and coffee with milk. Croissants are bread rolls, a bit buttery or can be flaky pastries too. Tartines are French bread thin sliced lengthwise and served with butter and jam.  A cup of coffee with milk better known as ‘cafe creme’ in French is a must in the menu for breakfast. A cup of coffee in breakfast makes the day for most in Paris.
The most preferred traditional destination for breakfast is a sidewalk cafe. It is really a pleasure to sip into a cup of coffee in any of the cafes in Paris especially in the morning. Parisians think it an appropriate way of starting a day. Even small bakeries offer simple and palatable breakfasts. The costs are moderate and budget friendly. Some do have tables. One big advantage of bakeries is that you can bring your coffee or else they may also serve you. Posh cafes may dig a big hole in your pockets but such is not the case with bakeries.  Pain au chocolat with croissant is an ideal combination and lip smacking too. Le Pick Clops is a good place that offers sumptuous breakfast.

For all those who are used to start the day with heavy breakfasts, Paris will not disappoint you. There are omelettes of different kinds, both egg and meat. A few Paris cafes also offer mid-morning brunch. A menu of top ten breakfast delicacies available in Paris will surely include Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Pain aux raisins, Pain Suisse, Broiche, Palmier, Croissant aux abricots and chouquettes.

Croissants are the king of French breakfast. It can be served plain or fried in butter when it is called ‘croissant au beurre’. Pain au Chocolat is meant for Sunday treats and is a hit among the kids. Pain aux raisins are pastry like items creamy inside and sprinkled with raisins. Pain Suisse is one of the most popular items. It has cream on pastry base stuffed with chocolate nuggets. Broiche makes for a traditional item. It has a classic look with its small delicate beautifully curved shapes.

If you too conscious of your daily calorie intake and are looking for less-calorie staffs the brochie fits your bill. You can select between the humble plain ones and those with toppings of crunchy sugar. Palmier is flat, large structured with a crunchy feeling and Croissant aux abricots is sweet and fruity, a delectable combination for those with a sweet tooth. However, a good way of saving money at least in your breakfasts is to buy some croissants from any bakery carry ‘coffee a porter’, take a seat on bench facing the Seine and enjoy the quaint, serene ambience with the morning freshness in the air.


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