Breakfast in Paris

Spoil yourselves.

Parisians usually do not believe in the big breakfast concept that Americans do. The main heavy and multi course meals in Paris are lunch and dinner. Parisians prefer to keep their breakfast simple and humble. A most common Paris breakfast includes a platter of Croissants, tartine, some fruits or fruit juice and coffee with milk. Croissants are bread rolls, a bit buttery or can be flaky pastries too. Tartines are French bread thin sliced lengthwise and served with butter and jam.  A cup of coffee with milk better known as ‘cafe creme’ in French is a must in the menu for breakfast. A cup of coffee in breakfast makes the day for most in Paris.
The most preferred traditional destination for breakfast is a sidewalk cafe. It is really a pleasure to sip into a cup of coffee in any of the cafes in Paris especially in the morning. Parisians think it an appropriate way of starting a day. Even small bakeries offer simple and palatable breakfasts. The costs are moderate and budget friendly. Some do have tables. One big advantage of bakeries is that you can bring your coffee or else they may also serve you. Posh cafes may dig a big hole in your pockets but such is not the case with bakeries.  Pain au chocolat with croissant is an ideal combination and lip smacking too. Le Pick Clops is a good place that offers sumptuous breakfast.

For all those who are used to start the day with heavy breakfasts, Paris will not disappoint you. There are omelettes of different kinds, both egg and meat. A few Paris cafes also offer mid-morning brunch. A menu of top ten breakfast delicacies available in Paris will surely include Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Pain aux raisins, Pain Suisse, Broiche, Palmier, Croissant aux abricots and chouquettes.

Croissants are the king of French breakfast. It can be served plain or fried in butter when it is called ‘croissant au beurre’. Pain au Chocolat is meant for Sunday treats and is a hit among the kids. Pain aux raisins are pastry like items creamy inside and sprinkled with raisins. Pain Suisse is one of the most popular items. It has cream on pastry base stuffed with chocolate nuggets. Broiche makes for a traditional item. It has a classic look with its small delicate beautifully curved shapes.

If you too conscious of your daily calorie intake and are looking for less-calorie staffs the brochie fits your bill. You can select between the humble plain ones and those with toppings of crunchy sugar. Palmier is flat, large structured with a crunchy feeling and Croissant aux abricots is sweet and fruity, a delectable combination for those with a sweet tooth. However, a good way of saving money at least in your breakfasts is to buy some croissants from any bakery carry ‘coffee a porter’, take a seat on bench facing the Seine and enjoy the quaint, serene ambience with the morning freshness in the air.


August preferred time to visit Paris

Paris tripsSummer is the best time to visit this Roman Catholic cathedral city of France. The weather is at its best from June to September. The sun-soaked city during this part of the year becomes over crowded as tourists from across the globe prefer this season to visit this place.

To the local residents, Paris wears a complete new look in August. It seems foreign visitors take the reins of the city in their own hands forcing the locals to accommodate themselves in little space.

Most of the well-to-do citizens often abandon this city making space for the foreigners to escape the cramming and excessive din and bustle.

Paris gets into a festive mood during this time and welcomes its visitors with an open arm. Not all locals leave the city during this time, some really enjoy the over enthusiasms of the excited visitors which spread like an infection.

The entire ambience changes, the city becomes laid back and comes under the grip of the festivity during this time.

But it has its negative sides. The beaches are overcrowded, the streets become chock-o-block, the restaurants are filled to the capacity and even many hotels have accommodation problems. The traffic moves at a snail’s pace but that does not diminish the thrill of cheerful visitors.

This is the time when Paris hosts numerous free events. Open-air cinemas, live music concerts are added draws for tourists. But one must not forget that all these come at a price and in Paris the price is really high.

One may mistake Paris for an amusement park while strolling along the well-decked up beaches especially those along the Seine River.

August is the perfect time to cruise through the world famous rivers, canals and other waterways.

Paris has about 8,000 restaurants which do a moderate to good business during this season.

For the French, August is the time to stay laid back. They indulge in hosting parties, going for night outs and different gatherings. Beaches serve several purposes. A lazy stroll along the beaches will arrest your attention to a lot of things happening, some just are just lying and relaxing, others are reading and still others having grand picnics.

Every year Parisians enjoy innumerable movies free of cost on a huge outdoor screen, that’s again another event there.

Paris in August is usually warm and to some extent sweltering on many occasions but rain also frequent. An autumn-like weather will embrace tourists in Paris during this time.

Free events in Paris in August

cropped-birhakeim.jpgIf you want to be a part of the hordes of free events and outdoor activities organized on various locations on the outskirts of Paris, then summer or more specifically August is the best time to visit the cathedral city of Paris. A trip to Paris in itself sounds very enthralling for tourists and free events add as icing on the cake.

Throughout August the beaches of Seine and the Bassin de la Villette will have everything to satiate the reveler’s upbeat spirits. The tourists will be spoilt for options as there will be game parlours, cafe shops and even boating facilities.

The Sous La Plage Festival comprising various workshops, DJs performances and plenty of dance shows is a must for the Parisians and tourists alike. There is a lot in store for children too.

Then there is the Firemen’s Balls where Parisians dance all night with sexy and daring firemen. This is a way of celebrating their ‘fraternite’.

‘Festival Quartier d’ete’ is an event continuing for more than 24 days. This annual function is all about celebrating the high culture on the streets of Paris. Innumerable dance shows, musical concerts, theatre performances make this event a hit every year. With circus, classical music and even Cuban hip hop, this event is a hit among people of all age groups and all tastes.

Beach events called Paris Plages start on July 20 and continue for a month. The beaches along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villettee are all decked up with palm trees, colorful lights. There are lounge chairs and various activities are organised keeping the children in mind. It goes without saying that the foodies find all sorts of delicacies to gorge on and satisfy their hunger and thirst.

From August 1 to 15 the Batofar peniche on the Quai Francois Mauriac hosts open-air free festivals where short films, animations, short documentaries and experimental films are showcased.

Again from August 1 to 11 another cinema festival makes up for the perfect entertainment on each night for Parisians. The Clair de Lune open-air cinema festival shows foreign films with subtitles.

In the mid-weeks of August the Paris summer festival comes with fascinating theatre shows and classical music concerts. It is sponsored by French Ministry of Culture. The ticket prices depend on the standard of performances.

Throughout August there are numerous colorful  events, cultural conferences, art exhibitions and plenty of eating and drinking festivals to enliven the spirits of all those who step in Paris.

Summer Sales End in Paris!

Summer Sales End in Paris!

Paris is the city of fashion, of food and of eye-catching commodities. There is nothing cheap or loud about the wares that are sold in the city. People from all corners of the earth shop in Paris and are proud of it. However, everything comes at a price! There is nothing as disheartening as not being able to afford the article you fancy because you are short of a few Francs. This is where the Summer Sales can help you. You can literally shop until you drop at the summer sales in Paris which lasts for an entire month from June to July.

The best part of the sales is during its end. It is actually possible to collect designer wear and other collectibles at hugely discounted prices, particularly when the month long summer sales come to a close.

The city of Paris assumes a bright and expectant air from 29 June to 30 July and the crowds simply surge up during the end of the Summer Sale or Soldes. Department stores, boutiques, and even hardware shops slash the prices of the unsold stocks from previous year and the buyers keep on shopping in earnest.

Checking out the price tags, a day early is the name of the game. Most Parisians are a pro at it and will not hesitate to try out 2, 3, or even a dozen dresses if the price tag shows a discount of about 75%. The end of the summer soldes is also a time of rush and you may be dismayed to find yourself  almost in a stampede. The best way to get a bargain is to shop during weekdays or at lunch times in order to avoid the rush. However, the city dweller of Paris usually takes a day off from work in order to browse through the summer sale offerings.

While it might be best to compare the prices before buying, the most wise move would be to buy just before the end of the summer sale. This will help you to make a kill as the second discount on the yet to be sold items make them surprisingly affordable.

The Soldes or the sales in the summer are the best time to buy clothes, household goods, furniture, toys, electronics goods and even those rare books that you had been eyeing for a long time.

Carry a map of the city and visit one shopping area per day. This will help you to take advantage of the end of summer sale season in Paris and save quite a bit of your hard earned money in the bargain.



Paris is also known as “the city of lights” and is home to many festivals organized throughout the year. Although there are many festivals that are held here, but here’s a list of ten major festivals that you should not miss at any cost.

Bastille Day or National Day is celebrated on 14th July and symbolizes the 1789 uprising when the entire nation stormed into the Bastille fortress-prison. It starts off with a traditional military parade in front of government dignitaries like President and other officials. After that, the citizens party throughout the day and have a gala time.

One of the most popular rock festivals in the world is held here in Paris and is called the Rock en Seine. The festival is held at the park of Château de Saint-Cloud just outside the city and is held in true Parisian style. This is a 3-day festival and garners huge crowd from all across the world. Best of the rock bands yearn to perform on this stage.

Fete de la Musique is held on 21st June and is considered to be one of the most sought after festivals in Paris. It is a street music festival and hundreds of musicians gather on the streets to entertain the public. Everything from jazz to rock and hip-hop get played over here.

Le Tour de France is the foremost cycling event in the world. The love for the sport and the magnificent landscape offers a great combination of sport and visual treat to a tourist. This is conducted in the month of July and covers around 3,500 kms of breathtaking coverage.

Paris Gay Pride has gained international prominence because of the festivity surrounding it. It does not resemble a mere political demonstration but a huge conundrum of joy, color and celebration on the streets of the city.

Nuit Blanche was first launched in 2002 and celebrates the rise of art and culture in Paris. Countless museums and galleries throw open their doors to the frantic tourists in a bid to display the rich art and cultural life of Paris.

Paris has a huge thriving Chinese population and hence the celebration of the Chinese New Year is an event to watch.

Paris Plages is a summer event wherein three venues within the city are decked up as beaches with different themes. Gradually, this even has found a lot of takers as it entertains people from all ages and walks of life.

Paris Quartier d’Eté or Paris Summer Arts Festival happens between July 14th and August 11th wherein the streets get covered by people displaying various forms of arts, music, theatre and drama. Public is treated to some quality entertainment during this period.

Every April, the Paris marathon is held where more than 35,000 runners participate to make it one of the liveliest events in the calendar of the city. The sheer enthusiasm that bounds the city is worth a trip and the beautiful scenery surrounding the track just adds to the attractiveness of the event.

There are more events and festivals that ensure the pole position of Paris as the tourist destination. The above mentioned ones are the most entertaining ones and will promise you a never-before experience that will keep you yearning for more.

Paris Events in May

Top 5 Paris Events in May 2013

You never need a reason to visit Paris. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Although visitors come here throughout the year but the best time to visit Paris is during May.

May is the spring time here when the thermometer starts rising after chilling Paris winter. Weather in May is comfortable with occasional rain but mostly it’s a sunny climate. The temperature is pleasant with minimum of 10˚C and maximum of 18˚C.

The trees in Paris come into full bloom and the city’s many manicured gardens become picturesque during this time. People mostly enjoy the sunny afternoons strolling in these beautiful gardens.

May in Paris is the time of celebration as well.  Lots of events take place during this time. So, if you have plans to visit the city during spring time get yourself an updated catalog of its many events and plan your visit accordingly. Given below is a list of the top events of May 2013 in Paris.

May 18th: May 18th is Museum Night in Paris.  On this day the doors of over a thousand museums in Paris remain open for public till well past midnight. Special events and performances are organized in many places for visitors. As a matter of fact, entries to museums are free for all those who visit.

May 17th -June 5th: If you are a sports enthusiast then you can’t miss visiting the famous Roland Garros ground to witness ace tennis players clash for prestigious French Open. It is one of the most coveted sports events in the world. Many tennis greats like Steffi Graf, had made their debuts in Roland Garros. In the history of tennis this ground had hosted many historical matches. This year French Open will start on May 17th and will continue till June 5th .

Whole month of May: Foire du Trône or Paris fair take place throughout the month of May. It is an annual event that natives and visitors alike look forward to. It is a fun event that kids will enjoy most. So, if you have kids then the best place you can take them is to Paris. The event is a continuous carnival with country fair, ferris wheels, and roller coasters, with whole lot of cotton candies and ice-creams.

May 24th-27th: This year the annual event of Artists’ Open House in Belleville Galleries will take place between May 24th and 27th . This is your opportunity to come face to face with some of Paris’s greatest contemporary artists and their works. It is expected that around 250 such artists will open their doors for public to visit their works and spaces.       


Paris in May

Paris is the city of romance. Life is a continuous carnival here. Whichever way you turn you can see a never ending celebration of life. But besides being the romance capital of the world, Paris is also a business hub, a fashion destination and a hot tourist spot. Every year Paris streets get teemed by thousands of international tourists and you can find among them honeymooning couples, vacationing families, admirers of painting and sculptures and various other sorts. Paris has something or the other to offer everyone.

Although Paris receives tourists year long but in May the city offers a visual delight to visitors. The words that best describe Paris during May are blooming and buzzing. The city really transforms during the spring. It becomes lively with teeming tourists, luscious blooms and excitements. If you really want to experience the true spirit of Paris then May is probably the best time to travel to the city.

At this time of the year the weather remains most pleasant – an ideal condition to stroll outside and enjoy the city and its never ceasing activities. During May the city’s many manicured gardens come into full bloom – transforming it into a Technicolor picture gallery. You can simply spend your time in one of its many cafeterias – discussing life’s many aspects, indulging in some romantic novels or simply sipping into the colorful life that passes by you. Do uncommitted window shopping in world’s one of the best shopping destinations.

You can spend as much time as you want outside. The days during this time are longer and nights shorter. So, you get ample time to soak in Paris’s sunlight while enjoying your coffee in its many famous courtyards.

If you are a lover of paintings then Paris can offer you some of the greatest creations by the genius. Paris museums are the cause of envy for many. They flaunt some of the greatest collections from medieval period, to renaissance and even of the modern era. May 18th is celebrated as museum night and Paris museums remain open for public till late at midnight. As a part of the celebration, entry to these museums on this day is free.

Paris during May is also a gourmet delight. After day long excursions you can reserve your evening for a romantic dinner in many of city’s eateries.  Paris culinary is celebrated worldwide and when you are here, indulge yourself in some of chef’s best creations. Parisian foods celebrate the time with opulent vegetable, meat and sea food dishes.

Paris nightlife in May is as exciting as the day time. So, don’t forget to get a taste of that too while you are there.